Little known fact. Willie Nelson was almost a part of the original Heartworn Highways. As the story goes, he was staying in a hotel where the filmmakers were staying, and a note was sent from Willie to them expressing interest in being involved with the film. After some deliberation, the producers felt that Willie’s celebrity would overshadow the then unknowns that comprised the cast of Heartworn, thus making it feel more like the Willie Nelson show. So, they declined his offer. Subsequently, the film was unable to secure distribution due the there not being any known names in the cast! Now, 40 years later, Willie Nelson has invited Heartworn Highways to help curate the lineup for his celebrated one day festival on his Luck, Texas ranch, which will take place this year on March 18th, during the SXSW festival. There’s a whole bunch of incredible Heartworn content in store, plus performances from musicians that are in the extended Heartworn family, which we are way to excited about. And of course, Willie. Who will play the closing set of the day. Swoon.

Read all about it in Rolling Stone. Pre-sale tickets have already sold out, but rumor has it more will be added. So keep checking the Luck Banquet website, and we’ll update you when we hear more.