What a morning. Never would have believed we’d sell out a 10:30am screening in the Cinema Tent at Bonnaroo… but it happened. People who entered after the film began had difficulty finding a place to sit in the 500 seat theater. And then when the power blew mid-screening… Our hearts sunk. We thought people would just walk out. They didn’t. Jonny Fritz gallantly tried to keep them entertained by telling Dad Country jokes, but they were committed to sticking around regardless. The Bonnaroo staff took 10 powerful minutes to get the screening going again, and then the audience remained for 45 minutes after the screening for a Q&A with Director Wayne Price, plus music from Bobby Bare Jr., Shelly Colvin, and Dr. Jonny Fritz. Somebody from the crowd pulled Price aside after the screening and told him, “My favorite music documentary of all time is The Last Waltz. I should say, was. This is now my number 1.” We are humbled. Please check out this write-up by HHR’s own Shelly Colvin, with images by the uber-talent, David McClister.